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At Bendigo Window Furnishings we have a wide range of fabrics, including the latest ranges from Basford Brands, Charles Parsons, Gummerson, Maurice Kain, Nettex, Slender Morris, Wilson and Zepel, with both uncoated and coated fabrics available. We have a range of headings available including pinch pleating, gather tape, reverse pinch pleat, pencil pleat, eyelet and pocket. We are also able to provide cushions, seat cushions and tie backs made with any fabric on display in the show room. Our local sewer has over 30 years experience in the industry with an average turnaround time of 3 to 4 weeks maximum, excluding Christmas time.   


Maurice Kain - Cosmea (Granite)

Maurice Kain - Liberty (Shanty)

Maurice Kain - Nevada (Mink)

Sekers - Eire

Sekers - Madagascar Summer

Sekers - Phoenix

Wilson - Broome (Truffle)

Wilson - Morocco (Bark)

Filigree - Echo (Thyme)

Maurice Kain - Derby (Ruby)

Maurice Kain - Switch

Sekers - Jove

Sekers - Palais Amelie

Sekers - Tamar

Wilson - Delhi (Taupe)



Panel blinds are a stylish modern blind, which feature a sleek aluminium track system with panels that glide easily into place. They are an ideal choice for sliding doors and wide windows, and can also be mounted on a ceiling to make the perfect room divider. With panel blinds, it’s easy to create a personalised look by matching different styles and colours on the one track. You also have the choice between one-way opening or centre opening tracks.


Roman blinds are blinds that fold into pleats when raised. They are available in a variety of styles and fabrics these include blockout, translucent and screen fabrics. Different styles can be selected to match your home. Roman blinds can be made to match roller blinds and panel blinds they also can be controlled by cord locks or chains.

Roman blinds are ideal as they are particularly suited to bedrooms, dining rooms and lounge rooms because of the soft look they provide and for high levels of light that is blocked out. 


Cellular blinds offer you an affordable energy conserving window covering, our range of colours and styles allows you to select a blind that will complement almost any window within your home. Cellular blinds are available in a light filtering fabrics to let a filtering light into your room, or in fabrics that can block out nearly 100% of all light to darken any room throughout your home. There are many options to choose from including top down/bottom up systems


Within our roller blind range we offer options from translucent to blockout. The light control capability makes roller blinds extremely versatile and an ideal choice for any room. Our fabric collection consists of plain, textured, patterned blockout and screen fabrics, with a wide range of finishes. Our roller blinds are available in spring, chain or motorised operation for everyday practical use.


Vertical blinds offer clean styling to your windows. They are an excellent choice if you have glass sliding doors or large windows. Their simple controls allow you to decide on the amount of light you let into your home, and they are ideal for privacy too. Vertical blinds also provide effective insulation against heat and cold. Our vertical blind blades come in 3 widths 127ml, 100ml and 89 ml. You can select the width of your blades to suit the style within your home. We are able to match your vertical blinds to similar colours and fabrics you have selected throughout the rest of your home. Vertical blinds can be made in blockout, translucent and screen fabrics and are available in a large variety of colours.















Multiple Options

Plantation shutters provide a clean and stylish look which complements both classic and contemporary homes. Shutters have grown to become a very popular product not only due to their timeless elegance but also because of their functionality and versatility. Shutters provide almost 100% blockout, leaving it almost black when fully closed. Shutters also allow you to adjust the direction of light and the amount of light you would like to have in a room


For anyone looking for the warmth of timber then our Basswood or Cedar ranges would be the best suited style. They are durable, light weight and perfect for high use areas, being 100% timber these shutters are the most widely used and are an excellent insulator for both the warmer and cooler months. A wide range of stains and paints are available and samples of colours are available in store to match all different components of your home.


PVC or Polyresin Shutters are UV and water resistant so they will not fade, crack or warp. The high graded extruded PVC makes them ideal for wet areas such as bathrooms, kitchens and toilets.


All of our shutters are available in 63mm or 89mm blades allowing you to have complete control over light, air flow and views. All of our shutters are child safe window coverings, with no cords or hazardous materials at easy reach for children.


Outdoor Awnings

One Way Screens

Motorised Blinds

Our outdoor awnings protect against the sun's UV rays and are one of the many ways of protecting and cooling your home in the summer. We have a wide range of external awnings to suit all needs. Our range consists of Channel blinds, Dutch hood, E-zip, Fixed Guide, Folding arm, Rope and pulley and Straight Drop awnings.


We offer a wide range of stylish fabrics which are available in many modern plain or striped colours, there are also different possibilities and choices for materials they include PVC screen mesh, acrylic and canvas. For the appropriate style of awning there are many different coloured hoods available to create a smart and stylish look for the outside of your home.


Motorisation of blinds is a growing demand throughout the Bendigo region. Most of our products internal and external can be motorised. In addition to modern remote controls it is possible to control blinds with wall switches, light sensors, timers, sun sensors, wind sensors and home management systems.